The Office of Institutional Effectiveness works to evidence and improve the contributions PHSC makes to its students, faculty, staff, and surrounding communities. We do this by working with all levels of College personnel to transform data and information into action. Functions of the office include strategic planning, grant writing, institutional research, outcomes assessment and program review.

Fact Book

The Fact Book presents data relating to enrollment, graduates, faculty, college finances and demographics. The Fact Book gives the community an overview of the student, personnel and financial profile of the College and serves as a reference document that answers many of the most frequently asked questions about the College. Additionally, the Fact Book Dashboard has been created to provide an overview at-a-glance.


The Office of Institutional Effectiveness supports grants development by providing principal investigators and their supervisors with an overview of pertinent federal and state laws and local College rules and regulations. We assist with grant writing and partner with local educational and community agencies. For assistance with grant development contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

Learning Outcomes Assessment

PHSC’s academic programs and student support programs assess student learning outcomes and implement action plans for program improvement.

Program Review

PHSC conducts academic program reviews on a five-year cycle. The overall purpose of the program review is to comprehensively review information specific to student learning and success in order to inform program planning and improvement.

Strategic Plan 2021-2024

The We Are Gold - Planning Tomorrow's Success Today Strategic Plan cohesively links PHSC’s vision, mission, and core values with associated strategies to accomplish our goals.

Disclosure Statement: 

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness strives to provide documents that are fully accessible to all interested parties.  If for any reason you experience difficulty with the accessibility of our documents, please contact a member of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and we will provide you with an accessible document.