PHSC encourages the use of social networks by our faculty, staff, and student clubs and organizations. The Office of Marketing and Communications, in cooperation with Institutional Technology, has established the following guidelines relating to social media accounts that represent the college and/or include the college name or logo.


  • Do not—create new accounts representing the College in any manner without consulting the Office of Marketing and Communications. Administrators of existing accounts should contact the Office of Marketing and Communications and provide the account url and all log-in information.
  • Do not—post any information that is privileged, confidential, or could reflect negatively on the College or any group or individual.
  • Do not—post inappropriate content. Common rules of decency, professionalism and good taste should apply to all posted content.
  • Do not—use College mediated accounts to view participant’s personal profiles or accounts. You should disable this feature and/or document that you do not have access to linked accounts. This does not apply to community or business affiliated organizations.
  • Do not—expect the social networking account to take care of itself. Daily monitoring is mandatory, and regular, timely interaction is expected.


  • Do- follow all applicable PHSC Board Rules and IMMs, including but not limited to,  IMM #1-19 Acceptable Use of College Technology Resources, #1-20 Internet Use, #1-24 Web Page Creation and Maintenance Procedure.
  • Do—contact the Office of Marketing and Communications immediately whenever visitor posts seem threatening, contain offensive or inflammatory language, or content of any kind raises safety or security concerns.
  • Do—follow PHSC’s brand guidelines. Contact the Office of Marketing and Communications for approval to use official logos and the appropriate use of wordmarks and official College colors.
  • Do—adhere to the terms of use of the social network you are using.
  • Do—respect copyright, fair use and financial disclosure laws.
  • Do—verify information before you post or share, and correct your mistakes.
  • Do—create dialogue instead of simply pushing content. Engaging content will encourage fans to respond and participate.
  • Do—thank people for input and feedback, including negative feedback. If the negative feedback is hostile or inflammatory, or if you sense the post requires administrative action or legal review, consult the Office of Marketing and Communications. Otherwise, respond to negative feedback in a neutral, polite manner.
  • Do—be human and respond as an individual even when interacting on behalf of your office, group or organization.
  • Do—be relevant, timely and add value! Monitor conversations that unfold without your input and be ready to post content when appropriate or helpful.


This document is a basic set of standards, not an all-inclusive list, and should be reviewed regularly as updates will be ongoing. 

For further clarification or direction please contact Kevin Curtis at or 727.816.3159.